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20 Amp DC-DC Charger

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Easy to install, the Thunder DC to DC charger is the smart way to charge your auxiliary battery, no matter your vehicle. The Thunder DC-DC Charger utilises a unique pulse charging algorithm with the intelligence to determine the best charge rate for your auxiliary battery (excluding lithium).

  • MPPT solar regulator will regulate solar panels at maximum efficiency capable of up to 300W of solar @ 25V
  • 20A output to charge your auxiliary battery while driving
  • Automatically switches to the solar input when the vehicle battery is turned off or main battery drops to 12.2V
  • Splash resistant (not IP rated)
  • Easy to read and comprehensive LED display
  • Simple to install – 4 mounting holes and 4 easy-to-use wiring studs
  • Rate of charge starts to decrease at 50 degrees and will fully cut out at 80 degrees


SKU TDR02020
Brand Thunder
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