Camping LED Strip Lights and More: Camping with LED Lights

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:26 August 2019 

Camping LED Strip Lights and More: Camping with LED Lights main image Camping LED Strip Lights and More: Camping with LED Lights image

LED Lights and Camping

Like everywhere else in the globe, LED lights are a rising trend in the camping world. Affordable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting, LED lights are being adapted into everything from home fixtures to emergency lighting. Camping is no exception; LED lights are quickly being incorporated into gear and accessories.

In this article, we’re listing seven ways in which LED lights have been adapted for camping purposes. Check them out below!

LED Lantern

The lantern gets a twenty-first century update with LED panels.

There are now lantern models available in the market that feature various types of LED lanterns; you can find traditionally designed lanterns with LED panels, as well as more modern lanterns that can be charged. These lanterns are lighter and easier to carry, and come with different features, like light dimming options.

The LED lantern is a good choice for the energy-conscious camper, as the chargeable versions especially are meant to minimise the wastage caused by single-use dry batteries.


LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights were born out of the need for small light sources that don’t require being handheld.

Rising from this need, camping LED strip lights are small enough to be packed without taking up space (they can get as small as a few millimeters wide and two inches short), taped or otherwise attached to bags without being cumbersome.

LED Light Kits

Before the advent of LED lights, hand torches were the main lighting source for campers who needed to signal or otherwise notify others of their presence in the event that their lanterns died out.

This posed a problem in critical situations, however, such as when a camper is injured or otherwise incapacitated.

This is where LED light kits come in. Today, there are LED light kits on the market that come with Bluetooth-enabled connection devices, and can be paired up with handheld devices like smartphones to serve as tracking beacons or medical alerts. This can be a lifesaver for deep immersion camping activities, or in dire circumstances such as accidents.

LED lights are becoming more and more commonplace, for good reasons. Consider switching over now - buy LED lights today.