12v Accessories: Christmas Shopping for Your Car

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:17 December 2019 

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12v Accessories: Christmas Shopping for Your Car


Most cars have the standard 12-volt battery to keep them running. As most car owners also know, car batteries can also power a number of accessories, which help make a car trip more enjoyable. For those who are still deciding on their holiday shopping lists, here are our top three picks for 12v accessories that have been a hit with the automotive crowds in the past few years.




Cable jump starters are useful when there’s another car around to help your vehicle come back to life - but what if you’re stranded in a remote location, with no other vehicles in sight?


Portable jump starters take care of this concern. The portable jump starter gives your 12-volt battery a jolt, as it carries its own charge. Some models of the portable jump starter also come with battery monitors that let you test your battery and your alternator, so you can discern better whether the battery is dead or if you have a bigger issue at hand.




If the twentieth century saw the advent of the internet, the twenty-first century saw the rise to prominence of the digital age. Almost everything today is interconnected, including cameras, and cars today have been getting their own version of the portable camera.


Dashboard cameras, better known as dash cams colloquially, are small mounted cameras that record traffic (or in some cases, passengers, for public vehicles). These hand-sized cameras have been getting a lot of press for being effective tools for insurance claims (in case of accidents) and even crime scene investigations.


Dash cams come at various price points and quality, depending on the need of the vehicle owner. If you’re conscious about your and your car’s safety, a dash cam system can be purchased at affordable prices in most physical and online automotive stores.




It’s inescapable these days: everyone has a phone, or some other handheld device that will need charging. Because of this, the dashboard cigarette lighter has been slowly replaced by the dashboard USB charger, which connects one’s mobile devices to the car battery in order to charge them electrically. Most of these chargers cost only a handful of dollars, but there are also more durable models that are available for a higher price point. (It also goes without saying: Don’t text and drive!)


These are just three of the many ideas for car-related gifts you can get yourself or a loved one this coming holidays. Still undecided? Visit your local Auto Store!