How LED Driving Lights are Changing Vehicle Lighting

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:11 December 2019 

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LED Driving Lights: How LEDs are Changing Vehicle Lighting


In this day and age, the goal of almost every product is to be more efficient, less expensive, and more eco-friendly - all at the same time. For the lighting industry, a similar pursuit has been in the works since the invention of the lightbulb. The latest in the progress for better and more affordable lighting is the LED.




Commonly referred to as LED lights, LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. An LED is an electronic device, and originally could only display the color red. However, as it was further developed, LEDs became capable of displaying more colors, such as green and blue.


LEDs are commonly used as indicator lights for a variety of electronic devices. They’re also commonly used for electronic signs and flashlights. Because LEDs can produce clear and bright lights while having an extensive lifespan, as well as having a low burnout span, their use has been expanded to vehicles as well.




Cars today utilize LEDs for driving lights. Whether it’s as inch-long light strips or huge mounted beams, LED lights have been spreading throughout the automotive industry as an alternative to quick-burning heavy usage light bulbs.


When it comes to mounted beams for the purpose of off-road driving (particularly at night), LEDs are grouped together to form panels, unlike traditional beams that use one large bulb for lighting.


There’s an advantage and disadvantage to this method: while using more LEDs results in better and brighter produced light, this also means that should a diode or diodes burn out unexpectedly, the entire beam may need to be replaced, which can be seen as wasteful. That being said, there are now beams that have replaceable, though they are less common.


LED driving lights are a more affordable option compared to the larger, bulkier predecessors. However, they are still subject to damage if installed improperly, so it is strongly suggested to consult with experts when installing these lights.


Make the eco-friendly choice - switch to LEDs today!