Queensland Vehicle Standards Instruction - Use of Driving Lamps

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:1 October 2019 

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Queensland Vehicle Standards Instruction - Use of Driving Lamps

You're here because you may be ready to install different driving LED bars or spot light, however, you're unsure of the transport regulations in Queensland. Well, in this article, we will discuss QLD Vehicle Standards Instruction, most specifically in the use of driving lamps.

Driving in harsh conditions, night time or day, can be very difficult most especially if your vehicle is not equipped for it. Devices like driving light bars, round lights, and spot lights are helpful devices which can be fitted and attached to any vehicle for as long as it follows the guidelines set by the Queensland government.

Like any state in Australia, on top of the mandatory use of headlights, a maximum of four driving lamps may be fitted to any vehicle. For example, a 15-LED Driving Light Bar from Great Whites will be considered as one lamp if all the LED lights operate as one.


  • The additional light device should be fixed at the front and in symmetry of the longitudinal centre of the vehicle
  • Additional LED Light Bar can be fixed above the roof line of the vehicle for as long as the driving lamps are fitted to the front half of the vehicle when measured from the front to the rearmost point of the vehicle.
  • An additional LED device should not also be fixed in a way that distracts the driver’s line of sight.
  • Light produced from the device should not produce discomfort due to the glare.
  • Driving lamps should not be attached in front of a bullbar as it will increase the risk of injury to pedestrians as this will adversely change the profile of the impact zone.
  • These lamps should be attached to the main switch of the headlamps and will only be effective when the high beam is on.

Each state in Australia has different sets of transport rules which can be tricky to those who like to take long, off road trips. Click here to download the most recent Vehicle Standards Instruction in Queensland to learn more or visit this page to learn more about the transport rules in other Australian states.

Always remember, the key to road safety is always obeying the rules of the road.