Driving with Driving LED Lights in Victoria, Australia

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:16 September 2019 

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driving with led lights in victoria


Driving with Driving LED Lights in Victoria, Australia

Driving LED lights or Driving Light Bars are used by many off road drivers and campers as it acts as an additional lighting to their vehicles. Surely, adding a supplementary Driving LED light can help improve visibility in driving, however, it can also be blinding to motorists who are going into the opposite direction of a well-accessorised vehicle. Because of the recorded road accidents caused by those who are overdoing their vehicle lighting, road regulations have been published and implemented state by state.   

How to Avoid Fines and Loss of Points from your Licence while Driving in Victoria, AU

Driving LED light bars are very common additional lighting installations in off road and camping vehicles as these lights are designed to illuminate the road better than regular vehicle lighting. Driving LED light bars are usually fitted into the front of any vehicle for as long as its design allows.

When driving in Victoria, Australia, you may only be able to use Driving LED light bars only when and with the following requirements:

  • Your vehicle is 200 metres behind another vehicle that is driving in the same direction
  • Your vehicle is 200 metres away from an oncoming vehicle
  • High beam lights are switched on 
  • Maximum number of headlights is 4 (four), including driving light bars
  • All lamps must always face forward
  • All lamps must be using white light
  • If fitted as pairs, it should be symmetrically positioned in relation to the centre line of the vehicle. Additionally, if it is not fitted as pairs, it should be symmetrical to its centre line
  • Light bars must not be fitted in a way that obstructs the driver’s view of the road
  • Light bars must not also be installed and mounted on top of or in front of a bullbar


On the Use of Fog Lighting

Fog lights or Front Fog Lighting should only be used during harsh and hazardous weather conditions which include fog, heavy rainstorms, and snowfall. The fog light switch should be separated from high beam switch so it does not turn on when using high beam lights.

Attentive and Alert Driving 

Driving off road and at night time requires a driver’s full attention. Being familiar with your vehicle’s dashboard and the different light switches will help you and other drivers a lot in maintaining road safety. Also, knowing the road regulations in use of LED lighting when driving in Victoria will very much help you keep your licence and avoid the hassle of paying fines for the penalties acquired for not obeying the state regulations. 

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