Symptoms of a Bad Alternator

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:9 July 2019 

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If you experience flickering headlights, impeding or weird noises when driving, your vehicle isn't haunted; chances are, it's just a bad alternator that needs replacement.

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What Does An Alternator Do?

Whenever you turn your engine, the alternator works with your battery to take charge of your vehicle’s electrical systems. There is a wide range of electrical systems and devices in your car that all require electricity to operate; the alternator supplies power for them all.

An alternator that’s going faulty can affect your car in many ways. These are the several signs you need to watch for that may indicate your alternator is bad.


Flickering Headlights

Dimming headlights is one of the first signs that your alternator is starting to breakdown. This is more obvious when driving your car at night and notice that as you increase or decrease the speed of your engine and your headlights do not seem to have their original potential, this is a warning signal. An alternator that is in good working condition will maintain bright headlights no matter what speed you are conveying. Both flickering and dimming are strong indications that your alternator is faulty.

Strange Sounds

Coming up next on the list of bad alternator symptoms is weird noises. A lot of things can cause unusual noises in the car, however, sometimes alternator failure can cause some of the bearings to fail in the engine, creating weird sounds. If you hear any type of whining or grinding sound, that is a good indication that your alternator needs to be checked.

Weak or Dead Battery

A battery can fail due to some reasons, but it can mean that your alternator is going bad as well. A bad alternator can cause the battery to drain because it's failing to recharge it. If your battery goes dead, have the alternator checked when replacing the battery so it doesn't happen another time again.


Electrical Failures

When the alternator is going bad, lots of electrical devices and other systems that are powered by the alternator may start to act up. Electrical failures could present themselves in a variety of ways. These can include the power locks, dashboard lights, air conditioning, and even your car stereo.

Difficulty Starting Your Car

Your car is not just running on fuel; it also runs through electricity. The alternator supports power to the spark plugs that ignite the fuel in your engine. When the alternator is having its shortcoming, there might not be enough power in the spark plugs to keep the engine alive, which can cause it to stall for no reason while operating, or you’ll have trouble starting. Overlook this symptom, and your car eventually won't start at all.

Mainly, it was certain that alternator needs attention as much as the other parts do. The Auto Store supports your car rolling with our quality alternators for a great chance of traveling away unharmed.