The 12 Volts Standard: How Batteries Make Your Car Run

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:16 December 2019 

The 12 Volts Standard: How Batteries Make Your Car Run main image The 12 Volts Standard: How Batteries Make Your Car Run image

Have you ever been interested in learning how cars start, and how the 12 volts battery is crucial for the process? Responsible car owners take care to understand how and why their vehicles work, as knowing the ins and outs of a car helps in maintaining it in excellent working order.


Today’s article aims to provide the basics about the whole process of how a car starts up. Let’s get started!




Whether your car is a traditional key-in-the-ignition type or a more modern press-ON-to-start type, the fact of the matter is that the car needs to be told to start. How it happens is like this: a signal is sent, either through the key mechanism or the ON/OFF switch, to the car’s battery, which then uses this signal to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This electrical power is then delivered to the car’s ignition, triggering it to start the engine.


Essentially, the battery kickstarts the vehicle, while the engine keeps it running.




Voltage is how strong a battery’s power has in its reserves. The standard automotive battery holds 12 volts in charge. Each battery holds 6 cells, each of which in turn holds 2.1 volts at full charge. A fully-charged battery should carry at least 12.6 volts.


This is important information, as when a battery’s voltage drops, it affects car performance.




As mentioned above, car engines need to be kickstarted. This is done with the help of the car battery, which jolts the engine awake upon start-up, in a manner of speaking. The colder the temperature, the more battery power is needed to kickstart the engine, which is why it’s crucial that a battery is always charged; car start failures often happen because the battery has little to no charge left, also known as a “dead” battery.


These days, there are tools and accessories available through automotive stores that keep track of a battery’s charge and lifespan. If your car doesn’t have one, consider getting one for the holidays - a well-maintained car is a safe car.


Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape today!