The Four Common Types of Vehicle Lighting

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:20 November 2019 

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Maintaining vehicle lighting is a crucial part of automotive care. You need to know how to take care of your vehicle, and that includes giving it the right parts when the time comes for you to replace them. Correctly identifying which parts need replacement is a skill that every car owner should practice. In order to do so, knowing which parts are which is a great way to start.

In this article, we’re going to talk about four common types of vehicle lighting, and what their functions are.


Every modern vehicle is bound to have low- and high-beam headlights as part of their design. Headlights serve as primary lights for vehicles; they light the way in front of the vehicle, while alerting other drivers ahead the said vehicle of their progress. The difference between low-beam headlights and high-beam headlights are the intensity of the lights - low-beam lights are low-intensity and best suited for well-lit urban areas, while high-beam headlights are high-intensity and best suited for remote locations with little to no surrounding lighting.


The red lights on the back of a vehicle are called tail lights, and are designed to make your vehicle visible to drivers behind you. While similar to headlights, tail lights can also be used to signal a vehicle’s progress or halt during traffic.


Also known as blinkers or indicators, these lights are located on the front and back corners of a vehicle and light up to indicate that the driver will be making a turn either to the left or to the right. Signal lights should be used when intending to change lanes, to properly warn drivers behind your vehicle where your vehicle will be moving.


Brake lights are located on the back of your vehicle and are triggered when you brake, indicating that your vehicle is slowing down either in preparation for stopping, backing up, or making a turn. These lights must be regularly maintained as they are effective at lowering risks of accidents on the road.

There are other types of vehicle lighting as well, such as fog lights, though some of them may depend on the make of the vehicle, as well as the region in which they’re manufactured. These four are the most common, and are a good place to start when maintaining your vehicle’s lighting systems.

Be a responsible vehicle owner. Always check your vehicle lighting, for your safety, as well as other motorists on the road.