Do you need an electric brake controller?

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:5 February 2020 

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Part of towing a caravan or trailer safely is ensuring that the braking systems are adequate.

Electronic brakes are automatically applied by the brake controller and can be manually operated by a manual control which is installed within reach of the driver. Electronic brakes are most commonly used on caravans and trailers over 750kg and are legally required on all caravans and trailers where the GTM is more than 2000kg. Remember that if you are considering electronic brakes, you will need to install a control unit in the tow vehicle.


What is the best electric brake controller on the market?

                                                               tow pro elite redarc


Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3

At we believe the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3 is the best brake controller system on the market. This Australian designed and made product is the only brake controller that offers two types of braking; ‘Proportional’ mode and ‘User-Controlled’ mode. 

Proportional mode (inertia sensing) is used for highway conditions. The electric trailer braking measures the braking force applied by the braking force applied by the vehicle and applies the trailer brakes to a proportional level.  This provides a safe, smooth application of the electric trailer brakes, requiring little input from driver once correctly installed and set up.

User-Controlled mode is used for off-road driving and gives the driver complete control of the brake level whether the footbrake or override is applied.

The Redarc Tow-Pro Elite is suitable for both 12 and 24 volt systems and compatible with new vehicle technology.  The Tow-Pro Elite main control unit can be mounted in any orientation out of sight and still sense the brake level accurately due to its three-axis accelerometer feature. This means the unit can measure acceleration in any direction and then actively calibrate to that mounting orientation. The unit has a control switch that can be mounted seamlessly in a blank switch panel, an unused area of the dashboard or in the centre console, within easy reach of the driver.

What is active calibration?

Active calibration constantly monitors the vehicle’s direction of travel and allows the Tow-Pro Elite to learn and continuously confirm its mounting orientation. This process occurs automatically while you drive with or without a trailer connected.

So if you are looking to start your 4x4, camper trailer or caravan upgrades but not sure what products will allow you to travel the way you want, contact we are here to help. Complete the REDARC product enquiry form and we can help you select the best products suited to your needs.