The Vehicle Battery Management System: Things You Need to Know

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:12 November 2019 

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Let’s talk about Redarc battery management systems . Whether you’re a new vehicle owner or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll have encountered them in one form or another. If you haven’t, then you must have wondered - what is a vehicle battery management system?

Let’s break it down in this quick article.

A battery management system has a straightforward function. It manages the output, charge, and discharge of your vehicle battery, as well as providing notifications on its status. The battery management system, if installed properly, can help protect batteries from damage.

In essence, a battery management system has two key functions.

The first function is energy management. Batteries and battery packs come with basic charge and discharge management systems. However, these systems aren’t optimised, as different vehicles have different charge and discharge standards that may under- or over-utilise battery charges. In these situations, the battery management system optimizes the flow of charges, acting as a middle-man between vehicle and battery to ensure a smooth flow.

The second function is battery protection. This is self-explanatory - batteries, if used carelessly, can lead to accidents, and can combust and create fires. Battery management systems prevent this by implementing safeguards. Think of it as something like an electrical circuit breaker - it shuts down the battery before it reaches critical points that can cause more damage.

A third optional function is battery status monitoring. If you have a mobile device like a cellphone or a laptop, then you’ll be familiar with this function. The battery management system keeps track of your charge consumption, the health of your battery, and how much charge is left on your battery at any given time. This leads to a more efficient battery use, which in turn makes your vehicle run better.

The goal of an effective battery management system is to keep your vehicle healthy and running properly. Give your vehicle some TLC. Get your battery management system today.