Is Driving with Driving Spot Light Legal in New South Wales?

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:23 September 2019 

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Is Driving with LED Light Bars and Spot Beams Legal in New South Wales?

Driving in harsh and poor weather conditions is very challenging most especially when your vehicle is not equipped enough for it. Off road, night time driving makes it even harder--that’s why add-on accessories like LED driving light bars and spot beam or spot light are very essential to decrease the risk of road accidents and collisions.

Light bars and spotlights or spot beams are very good additional lighting parts, however, when these are installed improperly or used overly can pose as risk not only to other motorists, but as well as yourself. 

Because land transport accidents are noted as one of the top causes of death in Australia, transport regulations have been implemented in order to reduce this risk. In states like New South Wales (NSW), an update of their Road Transport Regulation has been published only last September 16, 2019. 

Division 2 General Requirement for Lights, in sum, are the following:


  • Rule 70A states that any device projecting light must not be installed in any vehicle unless it is a device that is required or permitted to be installed.
  • Rule 71, known as Prevention of Glare, is a light, except for high beam lights, that is fitted to any vehicle must be built and adjusted to give off a necessary amount of light without blinding or distracting a driver of another vehicle.
  • Rule 72 states that if lights are fitted in pairs, it must be installed in a symmetrical manner, based on the centre of the vehicle, in the same height with another, and emitting the same amount of light.

Division 3 Highlights on Headlights Regulation


  • Please refer to the Transport Regulation for motorbikes
  • Emergency service vehicles like an ambulance, firefighting, police, Red Cross, and the like shall only be able to use flashing or rotating lights only when using low beam lighting
  • A low beam headlight must be able to illuminate for at least 25 metres, while a high beam headlight must be able to at least illuminate 50 metres.

Please refer to NSW’s Transport Regulation for a more detailed instruction and requirement for these rules.


In conclusion, New South Wales, like any other states in Australia have all these transport regulations to ensure road safety to all types of motorists and travelers. If you are driving trailer trucks or off road vehicles along NSW, make sure that you adhere to these set of rules in order to avoid unnecessary fines, or worse, be revoked with your licence to drive a vehicle.


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