What is a Car Inverter and What is it Used For?

Author: TheAutoStore   Date Posted:17 March 2020 

What is a Car Inverter and What is it Used For? main image What is a Car Inverter and What is it Used For? image

What is a Car Inverter and What is it Used For?

what is a car inverter
Understanding Car Inverter Importance and Functions

It is very important to understand the basics of AC and DC first before we discuss inverters. AC power is what you get when you use electronics inside your house or your office while DC power means the charge that you get when you use batteries. This means that if cars run with batteries then it means you would need a car power inverter in order for you to use AC powered electronics inside your car.

A car power inverter can operate all kinds of electronic devices such as electric lights, kitchen appliances, laptops, TVs, and a lot more. To be able to do this, you need to plug your car power inverter to your car battery and use your electronics during long off road trips or camping. You may only need to keep in mind that your car battery also has its limits, though. Consider your car battery capacity, rated output of the alternator, and output wattage of the inverter. Check to see if the electronics you are planning to bring can be accommodated by your car’s battery system. 

How Do Car Inverters Work? Do You Need a Car Battery Inverter?  

The very function of a car inverter is to mimic AC’s (alternating current) power source by using unidirectional DC power source. Most inverters need add on components that create either a modified sine wave or a pure sine wave. 

If being away and on the road most of your waking life, you need a car inverter. If you frequent camping and off-road trips, you might probably want to acquire a car inverter. It might be a great idea to have a car inverter in case of power interruptions (most especially when you need to be plugged in all the time) at home. To do this, you need to start your engine and plug an extension cord going to your house to keep you doing your tasks at home. 

Two Types of Car Inverters

Pure Sine Wave

Pure sine wave produces power that is very much closer to AC power, which means, you may never find the difference between powering up cordless power tools, laptops, laser printers, and fans inside your vehicle and in your home. However, getting a Pure Sine Wave can cost you more than getting a Modified Sine Wave. 

Modified Sine Wave

Modified Sine Wave produces quite as close as to what a Pure Sine Wave does, however, you may be able to hear audible electrical noises when you run electric lights, fans, and amplifiers. Do laptops work with Modified Sine Wave car inverters? Yes, it does. However, you may not be able to use all types of laptops with this type of inverter. Kindly check with your laptop manufacturer or read your guide to ensure your computer does not break down while using it. 

Interested in Car Inverters?

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